Stan Store pricing and its alternative

Stan Store Pricing 2024 and its Alternative!

Are you a creator looking to make money online with and are curious about their pricing? You’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll break down everything about—its pricing, standout features, and the different ways that creators use it to earn money online. Whether you’re just starting to explore online monetizaiton tools as a creator, or have been researching ways to monetize as a creator for a while , we’ve got insights for you. We’ll break down Stan Store’s pricing and introduce you to an alternative that offers many of the same features but without the commitment. , Let’s break it down. 

Table of Contents:

  1. What is Stan.Store?
  2. Stan Store Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?
  3. Stan.Store alternative
  4. CheckYa Pricing
  5. Stan.Store Vs CheckYa Comparison
  6. Conclusion

What is Stan.Store? serves as an all-in-one platform where you can sell your courses, digital products, offer paid bookings, and manage your leads. conventiently ties all these features together in one page that doubles as a link·in·bio.

CheckYa_ #1 Stan Store alternative

Stan Store Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re thinking about trying out Stan Store, you might be wondering about the price. Here’s the breakdown of Stan Store’s pricing as of January 2024: requires you to sign up for a plan and provide a credit card upfront before you can try the platform.  You are given a14-day trial during which you can cancel without incurring any cost. After this trial period you are charged for a monthly subscriptoin and have two plans to choose from: 

  1. Creator Level: $29/Month: The Creator level subscription is $29 per month. This gets you a mobile-optimized store, calendar bookings, courses, subscriptions, and email sign-up. It’s a good choice for creators starting out and wanting essential features on a budget.
  2. Creator Pro: $99/Month: For those wanting more, there’s the Creator Pro level at $99 per month. This level includes everything from the Creator level, plus extras like email marketing, funnels, discount codes, upsells, payment plans, affiliate commissions, and pixel tracking. It’s the go-to for creators looking for a full toolkit to amp up their online presence.

If you’re in for the long haul, consider the annual plan. For the Creator Plan, you can save 20% of  the monthly fee by paying $300 annually. With Stan Store, the monthly fee is your only cost plus the Stripe and PayPal transaction fees.

Stan Store pricing


Stan Store Core Features:

In this section let’s explore the core features of Stan.Store:

  1. Sell Digital Downloads: Easily sell your digital products like ebooks or music on Stan Store.
  2. Analytics: Stay informed about your store’s performance with analytics tools.
  3. Email Capture: Collect email addresses directly on the platform.
  4. Offer Bookings: Offer bookings to your clients. 
  5. Creating Your Product Listing: List your products directly on 
  6. External Link:  Add external links to direct your audience where you need them to go.

Stan.Store alternative: 

If Stan Store’s feature set sounds intriguing, but you’re not a fan of the monthly subscription model or not quite ready to commit then we have a solution for you.  CheckYa is a platform similar to Stan Store and provides all the core features listed above.  Unlike Stan Store, CheckYa does not require you to input your credit card number and sign up for a monthly plan.  You can use all the features on CheckYa with no upfront cost or commitment.  If your interested, we break down our platform below.What is CheckYa?

CheckYa is an all-in-one tool for freelancers and creators to help them monetize their expertise and generate additional income. Like Stan store, CheckYa allows you to create a professional page serving as a link in bio, offer bookings, sell digital goods, and services, and collect leads. Additionally, CheckYa provides the following unique features:

  • Branded Portfolio Creation: Showcase your work with a professional and customizable portfolio, enhancing your brand’s online presence.
  • Send Invoices:Invoice clients and receive payments via Google Pay, Apple Pay, Credit card, Debit Card, ACH, or PayPal.
  • Save on Fees: Choose to have clients cover credit card processing fees with the split fee option, allowing you to keep more of your earnings.

CheckYa Pricing:

Unlike Stan Store, CheckYa offers a No commitment Starter Plan. After a 14 day trial period, Stan Store users face a choice between a $29 or $99 plan, which can be challenging for creators unsure of their sales volume at that point. CheckYa’s Free forever plan allows creators to use all the above features for no upfront or monthly cost, instead only charging a small % of each sale.

CheckYa’s pricing on the Starter Plan. :

  • Sell digital downloads: 5% platform fee
  • Offer bookings: 5% platform fee
  • Receive one-time or recurring donations: 2% platform fee
  • Invoicing: 0.5% platform fee

Furthermore, CheckYa offers a Pro plan at $29 per month, granting you full access to all features without any platform fees.

Stan.Store Vs CheckYa Comparison:



Stan Store


Free Plan Availability

Yes (Free Forever Plan)

No (14-day trial, then paid plans)


Sell Digital Downloads




Offer Bookings




Receive One time and recurring donations








Collect Emails




When it comes to pricing, CheckYa takes the lead. Unlike Stan Store, CheckYa offers a free Free Forever Plan. After the 14-day trial, Stan Store users have to decide between a $29 or $99 plan, posing a challenge for creators uncertain about their sales. CheckYa’s Free Forever Plan allows creators to access all features without any upfront or monthly costs, only charging a small percentage per successful sale. It’s a straightforward and cost-effective option for creators looking to monetize their audiences.


Now that you know about Stan Stores pricing, making a decision is easier. Stan Store offers a complete package with clear pricing and features. On the other hand, CheckYa is a great alternative, especially if you want to explore without any commitment because of its free forever plan and flexible fees. Whether you like Stan Store’s all-in-one approach or CheckYa’s flexibility, both options make it easy for creators to earn money online. Your choice depends on what suits your needs and preferences as you grow your online presence and earnings.CheckYa: All in one tool for freelancers

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Set up your branded link in bio page in minutes!
Add unlimited links, collect emails, sell digital downloads, and offer bookings – all in one place.
Set up your branded link in bio page in minutes!
Add unlimited links, collect emails, sell digital downloads, and offer bookings – all in one place.
Over 35,000 freelancers and creatives use CheckYa to generate additional income.