Rumble Vs Kick: Who Pays More?

Rumble Vs Kick: Who pays more?

Are you a content creator or live streamer trying to decide between Kick and Rumble? In this blog post, we’ll discuss the differences between these two platforms and explore the various ways you can monetize your content. Whether you’re aiming to showcase your skills, share your expertise, entertain audiences, or live stream and get donations, understanding how much each platform pays its creators will help you make an informed decision. So, let’s dive in and find out which platform is better suited for you in 2024.

Table of Contents:

  1. Rumble
  2. Kick
  3. Kick Vs Rumble Comparison
  4. Conclusion


Rumble is an online video and live streaming platform that became popular among creators when YouTube’s strict rules forced many creators away from its platform. It offers tools for both live streamers and creators to make and earn money from their content. Live streamers can interact with viewers in real-time, building a community. Creators can upload different kinds of content, from professional videos to viral clips. Rumble also helps creators earn money through ads, licenses, and sharing revenue. With its easy-to-use features and focus on helping creators, Rumble is a great place for people to share their talents and make money from their work.

Accepts donations via CheckYa

How Much Does Rumble Pay Its Creators?

Creators and streamers are flocking to Rumble because of its impressive payout system. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • Ad Revenue Share: Rumble gives creators 60% of the money earned from ads shown with their content. So, for every dollar made from ads, creators get 60 cents.
  • Pay Per Time: Users pay for limited-time access to your chat room, with prices set for specific durations ranging from minutes to months. Rumble charges a 10% fee for this service.
  • Rumble Licensing: Rumble offers licensing options for creators to earn money. Let’s break down each option: 
    • Exclusive Video Management Licensing: Creators grant Rumble exclusive rights to manage and distribute their videos. Rumble negotiates licensing deals with media outlets, potentially resulting in higher earnings for creators.
    • Video Management Excluding YouTube Licensing: Similar to the above, creators keep ownership and earn revenue from Rumble’s licensing agreements.
    • Rumble Only Licensing: Creators limit their video distribution to Rumble’s platform, earning revenue solely from ads displayed on
  • Payment requests and donation buttons: Creators can monetize their group chats, with features such as payment requests and donation buttons. Rumble charges a 10% fee for this service.
  • Tipping System – ‘Rants’: Fans can show support by giving ‘Rants.’ Here, creators get 80% of the earnings, and Rumble takes 20%. If you feel this is too high. Here’s an alternative to rumble rants that you can consider to keep more of your tips. 

Alternative To Rumble Rants:

For streamers looking for a more cost-effective solution, CheckYa presents itself as a compelling alternative. With a maximum fee of only 2% for each donation received, CheckYa’s fee is 10 times less than the Rumble Rant’s fee!

Getting started with CheckYa is entirely free, ensuring accessibility for streamers of all levels. Unlike Rumble Rants, CheckYa’s platform is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, enabling easy engagement with viewers across various platforms.

One standout feature of CheckYa is its ability to set up donation alerts, notifying streamers and viewers whenever a donation is received. This feature encourages more donations from viewers and enhances the overall viewer experience.  

Additionally, CheckYa allows users to connect Stripe and PayPal accounts, providing greater flexibility in payment options. This ensures convenience for both streamers and viewers and facilitates a smoother donation process.

You can enable both CheckYa donations and Rumble Rants at the same time, if you want to present your audience with multiple options to support.

Here’s an example:

Let’s imagine a creator on Rumble makes $1,000 from ads, and receives $200 in Rants in a month.

  • Ad Revenue: The creator gets $600 (60% of $1,000).
  • Rants: From the $200 in Rants, the creator gets $160 (80%), and Rumble takes $40 (20%). If you use CheckYa to receive donations, you get 196$. 

How much does Rumble pay for 1,000 views?

Content creators on Rumble can expect to earn anywhere between $2 to $10 for every 1,000 views on their videos.


Kick is an online video and live streaming, similar to rumble, launched in 2022 by Ed Craven and a team of Twitch affiliates. It quickly gained popularity by focusing on helping creators earn more money, especially after Twitch made changes that reduced how much creators could earn. It offers tools for live streamers to engage with their audience in real-time and for creators to upload and share various types of content. Creators can make money through subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships. Kick’s easy-to-use interface and support for creativity make it a great platform for creators to showcase their talents and earn money.

How Much Does Kick Pay Its Creators?

Creators on Kick can earn money by getting subscribers and receiving tips from fans. To start earning, creators need at least 20 subscribers in the last 30 days (excluding gifted subscriptions). 

Kick subs: Kick gives creators a good deal: they get to keep 95% of the money from subscriptions, while Kick takes only 5%. For example, if someone subscribes for $5, the creator gets $4.75, and Kick keeps $0.25.

Kick Tips: Kick doesn’t take any money from tips and donations. So if someone tips $5, the creator keeps the whole $5. However, it doesn’t offer a way to save audience information. By using CheckYa for donations, creators can still keep most of their earnings while also getting a client management system. For just a 2% fee, CheckYa lets creators save audience names and email addresses. This helps creators stay connected with their audience and grow their business effectively.

How much money is 100 subs on Kick?

As of April 2023, online live platform Kick reported that for 100 subscribers creators would earn 475 U.S. dollars.

How much do Kick creators earn?


Kick Vs Rumble Comparison:

Monetization OptionsSubscriptions, TipsAd Revenue Sharing, Tips, Licensing, Paywall
Subscriber RequirementMinimum of 20 subscribers in 30 daysNo subscriber requirement
Revenue Split95% to creators, 5% to Kick60% to creators, 40% to Rumble
Tip CommissionKick takes no commission from tipsRumble takes 20% commission from tips


In summary, both Kick and Rumble provide opportunities for creators to earn money. Kick focuses on subscriptions and tips, offering a clear payment system with good earnings for creators. Rumble offers more options like ad revenue sharing, tips, licensing, and paywalls, making it versatile. Kick is great for live streaming, while Rumble hosts various types of videos. Choosing between them depends on what kind of content you make and how you want to make money, as each platform has its own strengths suited to different creators’ needs.CheckYa: All in one tool for freelancers

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