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20 Ready-to-Use Invoice Thank You Messages to Delight Your Clients!

Are you looking for a simple thank you message to include with your invoices? You’re in the right place. This blog will give easy examples of thank-you messages specifically for invoices. It’s not just about being polite; it’s about making your clients feel appreciated. Sending invoices might seem like a regular thing, but it’s a chance to thank your clients. By adding a short thank you note, you’re showing you’re grateful for their support. In this blog, we’ll explain why saying thanks matters and give examples that work for any business. Whether you’re a freelancer or part of a big company, you’ll find a thank you message that fits your needs. If you’re ready to improve your connection with your clients, let’s check out some examples of thank-you messages below. Let’s start.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Adding a Thank You Message is Important?
  2. 25 Invoice thank you messages that you can copy and paste
  3. Best practices to send invoice thank you messages
  4. Sending Invoices with CheckYa
  5. Conclusion

Why Adding a Thank You Message is Important?

Adding a thank you message to your invoices might seem like a small gesture, but it is essential to foster positive client relationships and enhance your business image. Here’s why it matters:

  1. Shows Appreciation: Including a thank-you message shows that you value your clients beyond their payments. It shows that you recognize their contribution to your business and are grateful for their support.
  2. Strengthens Relationships: Expressing gratitude builds rapport and goodwill between you and your clients. It humanizes your business interactions, making clients feel more connected and valued, which can lead to long-term loyalty.
  3. Differentiates Your Brand: Adding a personalized thank you message sets you apart from businesses that send out invoices without acknowledgment. It shows that you prioritize customer satisfaction and go the extra mile to make them feel appreciated.
  4. Drives Customer Retention: Clients tend work again with businesses that make them feel valued and appreciated. By expressing gratitude on invoices, you leave a positive impression that can encourage clients to continue working with you.
  5. Improves Perception of Professionalism: A well-crafted thank you message enhances the professionalism of your business. It demonstrates attention to detail, care for your client’s experience, and a commitment to building positive relationships, all contributing to a favorable perception of your brand.
  6. Promotes Word-of-mouth Referrals: Satisfied clients are more inclined to recommend your business to others. When you show appreciation through thank you messages, you create a positive experience worth sharing, potentially leading to valuable word-of-mouth referrals.

25 Invoice thank you messages that you can copy and paste:

Here are 20 invoices thank you messages that you can copy and paste:

  1. Thank you for choosing my services! I’m excited to work with you.
  2. Your support means the world to me. Thank you for your business!
  3. I truly appreciate your trust in my work. Thank you for being a valued client.
  4. Your project is in good hands. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.
  5. Thank you for being so confident in my abilities. I’m committed to exceeding your expectations.
  6. Your partnership is invaluable to me. Thank you for choosing me as your [service provider].
  7. I’m honored to be a part of your project. Thank you for entrusting me with it.
  8. Your support fuels my passion for what I do. Thank you for being a fantastic client!
  9. Thank you for believing in me and my work. I’m excited to deliver exceptional results.
  10. Your business means everything to me. Thank you for your continued loyalty.
  11. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for your collaboration.
  12. Your professionalism is commendable. Thank you for being such a great client.
  13. Thank you for your clear communication. It makes my job much more manageable.
  14. Your positivity is contagious. Thank you for bringing such enthusiasm to our project.
  15. Thank you for your attention to detail. It’s refreshing to work with someone so thorough.
  16. I’m impressed by your dedication. Thank you for going above and beyond.
  17. I appreciate your flexibility! It’s been a pleasure adapting to your needs.
  18. Your support is what keeps me going. Thank you for always being there.
  19. I appreciate your loyalty over the years. Here’s to many more successful collaborations!
  20. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for everything you do.

Best practices to send invoice thank you messages:

  1. Personalization: Make your thank you messages specific to each client and mention something unique about your collaboration.
  2. Keep it Short: Keep your message brief and clear. Long messages can be overwhelming, so stick to the point.
  3. Send it Promptly: Don’t wait too long to send your thank you message. Doing it promptly after sending the invoice shows appreciation for prompt payment.
  4. Be Professional: Use a professional tone in your message, even when expressing gratitude. This will ensure that you maintain a level of professionalism in your communication.
  5. Be Consistent: Ensure your thank you messages match your brand’s tone and style. Consistency across all your communications helps build trust with your clients.
  6. Add Value: You can add value to your message by offering discounts or sharing information about other products or services you offer.
  7. Check for Errors: Before sending your message, double-check for any mistakes. Errors can make your message less effective, so take the time to review it carefully.

These simple tips can create practical and meaningful thank-you messages that strengthen your client relationship.

Sending Invoices with CheckYa:

If you still need to create an invoice for your client, we highly recommend you try CheckYa! It’s simple to use and has all the necessary details with its pre-formatted templates, saving you time and effort. You can set due dates and send automatic reminders, ensuring you never miss a payment deadline. CheckYa provides plenty of payment options for your clients, including the most popular methods like credit cards/debit Cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. But here’s the real deal: you can also pass on the payment processing fee to your clients, giving you even more control over your finances. It’s a win-win situation! Ready to give it a try? You can get started for free today. Here’s how:

Invoice via CheckYa for Free

Send Invoice for Free

  1. Quick Sign-Up: Begin by signing up on CheckYa. The process is quick and straightforward, ensuring you start managing your invoices in no time.
  2. Create Your Invoice: Go to the ‘Invoice’ section of CheckYa after signing up. Here, you’ll find the option to create a new invoice. Click on ‘Create Invoice’ to begin creating your invoice.
  3. Detailing Your Invoice: Fill in all the details. Please include information about your client, the services provided, and their associated costs. Accuracy is key here, ensuring transparency and clarity in your billing process.
  4. Payment Terms and a Thank you Note: In the payment terms section, outline your preferred payment methods and include any relevant terms or conditions. Additionally, take the opportunity to insert a heartfelt thank you note. Express your appreciation for their business and acknowledge the value they bring to your professional journey.
  5. Review and Email: Prior to sending the invoice, take a moment to review all the details. Double-check for accuracy. Once done, hit the send button.


In conclusion, adding a thank you message to your invoices is a small gesture that can significantly impact your client relationships. It shows appreciation, strengthens bonds, and sets you apart. Whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner, expressing gratitude is essential for building trust and loyalty with your clients. So, don’t underestimate the power of a simple thank you. Start incorporating it into your invoices today, and watch your client relationships flourish. Invoice your clients in minutes using CheckYa

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