Become a freelance digital marketing professional

Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Freelance Digital Marketing Professional [2022]

Are you finding ways to escape the tedious 9-5 job? Let’s say you’re the person who thrives on taking on new challenges and completing multiple tasks simultaneously. If so, you should consider going freelance as a digital marketer.

With the booming freelance economy, especially after the drastic economic impacts of COVID-19, more and more people are considering leaving their full-time jobs and working for themselves. In 2022, there will be over 1 billion freelancers around the globe, and digital marketing is among the most in-demand freelancing jobs.

Whether you’re a newbie seeking basics or an oldie looking for tips and tricks, this article is your best read! This guide to Freelance Digital Marketing will help you step up your career in no time. So, let’s begin.

Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Freelance Digital Marketing Professional [2022]:
  1. What is freelance digital marketing?
  2. What does a freelance digital marketer do?
  3. Types of digital marketing freelancers
  4. Become a freelance digital marking professional: a step-by-step guide
  5. Best freelance digital marketing platforms
  6. Freelance digital marketing tools and resources
  7. Earnings of freelance digital marketers
  8. Tips and advice from freelance digital marketers
  9. Pros and cons of freelance digital marketing
  10. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about freelance digital marketing.

1. What Is Freelance Digital Marketing?

Currently, no one can deny the role of social media in marketing. But the person who manages that platform is more important than just a platform. Yes! From your favourite brand to the most exciting website you visit daily, they all have one of the best freelance digital marketers. 

Freelance digital marketing has become one of the fastest-growing industries in business today. Knowing what you’re doing in this profession can be a beneficial and financially rewarding vocation. The reason behind this is the high demand for Digital marketers worldwide, as there aren’t enough qualified candidates to fill all openings. It’s paving the way for a freelance digital marketer.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of freelance digital marketing is 22.1 percent, expected to reach $11.94 billion in 2022 from $9.77 billion in 2021.

If you’re up for the challenge, this field offers a lot. In a continually changing environment, individuals who can keep up with speed and stay on top of the changes have an advantage over those who can’t.

It involves promoting businesses, TV shows, music, books, websites, etc., using various methods, including email, social media, and SEO. Freelance digital marketing assists brands in increasing their recognition and growing their business. Even many firms see outsourcing their digital marketing activities as a cost-effective strategy.

2. What Does a Freelance Digital Marketer Do?

What do freelance digital marketers do?

A freelance digital marketer is self-employed and provides digital marketing services online. Unlike most freelancing jobs, a freelance marketing professional has different roles and thus needs to have the required skill set to help businesses promote their products and services. As the category is broad, the range of services one can provide as a freelance digital marketer is also wide. 

Besides technical tasks, a digital marketing freelancer is proficient in preparing work proposals, managing invoices, reporting, and project management. Typically, digital marketers work with clients daily and communicate regularly; however, the day-to-day work of one digital marketing freelancer can completely be different from another. For instance, marketers specialized in niches like writing and market research usually interact with clients only a few times a week. 

Most freelance digital marketers offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Paid advertisements include Fb ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, etc.
  • Video Marketing, including shooting, scriptwriting, publishing, editing, and promoting videos.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • SEO (search engine optimization), including SEO content generation, keyword research, and backlinks building.
  • Managing and generating marketing funnels and sales.

3. Types of Digital Marketing Freelancers

Based on the skill set and services that different digital marketers offer, here are some emerging and demanding types of digital freelance marketers.

3.1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketers

The SEO freelance digital marketer assists businesses in ranking higher on Bing, Google, and other search engines when customers search for relevant terms. 

3.2. Social Media Marketers 

Social media marketers promote businesses on current and future social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and the next big things

3.3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Advertisers 

When working online, it becomes hard to draw a line between marketing and advertising. PPC search advertising involves marketers creating ads that appear in search engine results and other prominent places to promote businesses. 

3.4. Video Marketers

Because of the large audience on video platforms like YouTube and TikTok, several marketers specialize in video strategy, optimization, and distribution.

3.5. Email Marketers

Email newsletters are one of the most efficient ways to convert sales, but they require a specific skill set for optimal outcomes. It entails optimizing the content, subject lines, design, and deliverability to meet the targeted business goals.

3.6. Influencer or Affiliate Marketers 

Affiliate Marketers collaborate with third parties with large audiences and encourage them to promote their client’s products or services. 

3.7. Analytics and Attribution Marketers

While any marketer must be able to report on the results of their work, there is an increasing demand for specialists to manage the analytics and attribution models for all areas of marketing. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and other marketing specialties may also fall within their purview.

4. Become a Freelance Digital Marketing Professional: Step-by-Step Guide

What do freelance digital marketers do?

To be a freelance digital marketer, you need to have a wide range of talents, including the ability to write compelling content and persuasive language and use social media, SEO, paid search, website development, and design.

An 18-year-old just starting in his career and a 40-year-old with a background in technical engineering can both be candidates for this position. Anyone can adopt a freelancing lifestyle at any time in their lives and careers, and it doesn’t matter what you’ve done or where you’ve worked in the past as long as you have the proper skill set.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you become a successful digital freelance marketer.

4.1. Specialize

Digital marketing has several avenues. Marketers analyze each channel independently to improve. Freelance digital marketers can focus on one or two channels. You might choose email or social media marketing. Even within broad channels, you can specialize in sub-channels. You can specialize in social media ads, for example. The specialization builds loyal customers.

4.2. Get training

Next, learn marketing. Many digital marketing resources are available online. Many digital marketers learn from videos. You can also enroll in a certificate-granting digital marketing program, online or in person. Certificates show clients your proficiency. Some schools provide digital marketing diplomas and associate degrees.

4.3. Get enough experience 

Digital marketers need the experience to grow their talents and construct a website. You can intern at a digital marketing agency or shadow a pro. You can try assignments under the guidance of experts. Many training programs incorporate practice assessments to boost skills. Volunteering can help develop experience.

4.4. Build your website

Your business needs a website. It’s a portfolio of your work and accomplishments. Your website is a landing place where clients can explore your work. Based on your long-term goals, develop a personal or commercial website. Make sure your website has your most incredible work. Make your website SEO-optimized and visually pleasant to attract and keep visitors.

4.5. Create a blog

A marketing blog drives website traffic. It creates digital marketing content for internet consumers. You may target blog readers who need your services with SEO and SEM. After reading your blog, employ copywriting and other marketing methods to get people to your website. This is a good internet marketing strategy.

4.6. Build a personal brand

Personal brand building is crucial to becoming a freelance digital marketer. Freelancers can create their brand in two ways:

First, publish your freelance-related articles on high-traffic websites. It’s called guest posting in digital marketing. The second is to use social networks to establish your brand.

4.7. Create a services proposal

Freelance online marketers must present service proposals to potential clients. It is time-consuming and laborious, especially at the start. Therefore preparation is essential.

4.8. Set Pricing

Pricing might affect traffic and income. When setting your fee, consider your skill level, work complexity, competition, and customer. Find out your competitors’ rates for similar channels. Beginners can establish their reputation and clientele by starting small.

4.9. Register your Business 

You must register your freelance digital marketing business if you plan to make more than $30,000 annually. Business registration helps prevent government legal and tax complications.

4.10. Use Essential Tools

Effective digital marketers require tools. Collecting and monitoring metrics and evaluating data without specialized tools is impossible. Digital marketing tools are expensive; therefore, you must choose smartly as a freelancer.

Some essential tools include the following:

  • OptinMonster
  • Google G-Suite
  • MailChimp
  • Grammarly

5. Best Freelance Digital Marketing Platforms

For freelance digital marketers who specialize in SEO, paid advertising, web development, and more, we’ve gathered a list of the finest websites to showcase their skills and catch the perfect job and the appropriate client.

5.1. Contently

Contently’s objective is to link freelance marketers with high-paying, high-quality jobs with leading companies. Through the site, freelancers are connected with top brands to pitch their ideas to land a job. To get started, create a portfolio that highlights your abilities and experience.

5.2. SEOClerks

SEOClerks is an up-and-coming marketplace for all kinds of digital services. It is the most prominent SEO marketplace out there, and freelance digital marketers can post their content, design, search engine help, link building, and more.

5.3. Mediabistro

Mediabistro has been providing information for media experts and allowing freelance digital marketers to offer their top-tier services to assist organizations in creating and managing their media careers for nearly 30 years. This platform enables freelancers to seek jobs on the site’s search board while learning new skills and developing practical skills.

5.4. BunnyStudio Voice 

Bunny Studio is a resource that connects voice-over artists with significant corporations looking for freelancers. Bunny Studio is the marketplace for freelancers specializing in moving trailers, phone systems, character voices, and advertising voices, among other areas of voice acting. After the client posts a job, freelancers apply, and if the client decides to proceed, you’re selected as a winner. Simple as that!

5.5. ClearVoice

ClearVoice, like Contently, requires freelancers to create portfolios showing their best work. After that, they can fill out an application to join the ClearVoice community.

ClearVoice has much less community than Fiverr or Contently, but all its 4,000 freelance marketers have been carefully checked out.

5.6. Torchlite 

Torchlite is a relatively new network for recruiting freelance digital marketers, and its primary selling point is that it concentrates exclusively on digital marketing. In contrast to Fiverr, where you may engage with many different service providers, or Contently and ClearVoice, which began as content marketing platforms, you will only find digital marketers on this site.

6. Freelance Digital Marketing Tools And Resources  

Freelance tools and resources

To get a competitive advantage, you’ll need a solid marketing strategy and the most effective digital tools. Digital marketing tools assist you in saving time on administrative work and aid you with specific areas of your marketing efforts.

We will outline some popular digital marketing tools and resources in this piece. 

6.1. CheckYa (All-in-one Tool for Freelancers)

CheckYa is an all-in-one tool for freelancers. It enables freelancers, consultants, coaches, and small company owners to monetize their skills effortlessly. It is a one-stop solution for freelancers, and using CheckYa, freelancers can:

  • Accept Payments
  • Offer digital goods and services.
  • Schedule meetings
  • Send invoices – all without spending a dime


6.2. MailChimp (Best Email Marketing Tool)

With over 12 million users, MailChimp has established itself as one of the world’s leading email marketing platforms and digital marketing solutions.

6.3. HubSpot (Best Sales and Marketing Tool)

HubSpot has become a provider of sales, marketing, and CRM software.

6.4. Trello (Best Project Management Tool)

You may save time and hassle using Trello, a project management tool that helps you perform tasks and stay aligned with your team.

6.5. InVideo (Best Online Video Editor)

InVideo is an online video editing platform that allows users to create and edit professional-looking videos easily. It offers a wide range of features to help users edit, enhance, and customize videos.

6.6. Hotjar (Best to Attract Potential Clients)

Hotjar is a marketing tool designed to supplement Google Analytics. The website heatmaps and behaviour analytics features of Hotjar can help you discover more about your freelance website and attract more clients.

7. Earnings of Freelance Digital Marketers

Earnings for freelancers vary greatly depending on the industry and years of expertise. This is also true for freelancing digital marketers. Your annual revenue will be determined mainly by your specialty and niche within that expertise. Here is a rough estimate of how much digital marketers will make in 2022.

7.1. Salary of Digital Marketing Specialist 

Below is an estimate based on years of experience: 

  • $44K per year for 1-4 years of experience
  • $55K per year for 5-9 years of experience
  • $63K per year for 10-19 years of experience
7.2. Salary of Digital Marketing Manager 

On average, a digital marketing manager earns around $90 per year.

Below is the breakdown of salary based on years of experience:

  • $59K per year for 1-4 years of experience
  • $71K per year for 5-9 years of experience
  • $97K per year for 10-19 years of experience
7.3. Salary of Digital Marketing Freelancer

The hourly rate that you set and the number of chargeable hours per month determine how much digital marketing freelancers can earn per month. The typical hourly wage is between $50 and $200.

Other marketing experts in the digital marketing business earn the following:

  • Social Media Manager – $65K annually
  • SEO Specialist – $64K annually
  • Affiliate Marketing Manager – $71K annually
  • Content Marketing Specialist – $84K annually
  • PPC Specialist – $60,000 annually 
  • Digital marketing consultant $140 – $200 per hour 

8. Tips And Advice from Freelance Digital Marketers

Below are some informative and motivating words right from some top freelance digital marketers.

tools for freelancers

8.1. Jon Torres

“Align your web presence with the new industry weeks, if not months, before venturing into freelance marketing.

You are not required to change anything previously posted on Twitter, LinkedIn, or your website. However, update your bios to reflect your new focus.

Next, research the industry so you can give the best options. Then, several months before pitching or approaching prospective clients, share essential or expert-level tips, success stories, developing trends, top players, and busting myths about your new industry.

Join in focus groups in the new industry to prepare for the change you’re working on and gain social proof, network, and learn about what’s new in freelance marketing. Reach out to potential consumers with ideas, social evidence, and desire to collaborate with them, based on your adjustments to the new.”

8.2. Gareth Cotter

“It has worked well for me when I’ve targeted a particular corporation. To begin, I’d search for the company’s top decision-makers on LinkedIn. My next step is to write a handwritten letter, signed by me, explaining the reason for my belief in their lack of marketing success.

In addition, I make it a point to provide references, such as past clients or case studies, to reassure them that they are working with a true professional.

I close the letter by informing them that I have prepared a 10-minute presentation for their consideration.

With the reciprocity principle of Robert Cialdini, which holds that people are built to return favours, I also offer a $5 Starbucks/Costa Coffee gift card. This is what I think, and I’ve had tremendous success with it.”

8.3. Claire Jarrett 

“To save time and money, I suggest automating your marketing efforts. Most people emphasize the need to post regularly, but I believe the reverse is true.

Use blogs to create your email list and then send automatic emails to your list of subscribers (you don’t have to write the blogs yourself if you don’t want to; hire a writer instead so you can focus on your strengths).

Once you’ve got your primary remarketing campaigns up and running, you’ll always be in the minds of your customers. Hire someone to help you with SEO, and focus on a few high-intent keywords that will bring in leads. Of course, this is a given.”

9. Pros And Cons of Freelance Digital Marketing

Pros and cons of digital marketing
9.1. Pros:
  • You get paid for your skills

As a freelancer, there is no boundary to how much money you can earn. How much you can make depends on your abilities and the number of assignments clients provide you.

  • You’re free to control your working hours within the deadline

A freelancer has practically total control over his or her working hours. As long as you satisfy client deadlines, it’s up to you how much and when you work. As a result, you’ll be compensated based on your results, not your time spent on the job.

  • You can step up your creativity game

When it comes to digital marketing, there is a lot of room for creativity and innovation.

  • Potential client engagement

For various businesses, digital marketing has proven to be the quickest way to interact with customers.

  • It’s an easy way to create brand

It’s no small feat to create a company from the ground up. A brand’s success in the marketplace requires years of experience and understanding. Freelance digital marketing has made it easier for firms and freelancers to promote their products and services.

9.2. Cons:
  • Constant Hustle

Being the boss means you’ll have to work extra hard to keep the revenue flowing. While hopping from project to project or customer to client might be a terrific way to establish a diversified portfolio, it can be stressful never to know when you’ll get paid again. Since they’re constantly on the lookout for their next client, many independent digital marketers believe they’ll never be able to rest or feel secure in their work.

  • Loneliness

Freelancing, especially when done from home, maybe an isolating experience. An extrovert may have a hard time with this and may end up opting for office-based work. Even the most secretive of people crave social interaction. As a result, you’ll have to devise creative strategies to meet your mental health needs.

10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about freelance digital Marketing

faqs about digital marketing

This part will shed light on some of the commonly asked questions about becoming a digital marketing professional.

10.1. Is Digital Marketing a Good Profession?

If you’re someone who is organized and analytical, thrives on creative and strategic thinking, and enjoys communicating and collaborating with both clients and creatives, then digital marketing is a great career path for you. With plenty of room for career growth, the digital marketing industry offers various specialties to pair up with an individual’s strengths. 

10.2. How Long Does it Take to Learn Digital Marketing?

Like any other skill, there is no set path or timeline for becoming a digital marketing professional. Most of the boot camps and digital marketing courses available online usually take 3-6 months to prepare an individual for a career in digital marketing. 

10.3. What Skills Do I Need to Become a Successful Digital Marketer?

As discussed earlier, digital marketers must be familiar with marketing software and tools. Also, if you want to become a successful digital marketer, you should have strong analytical skills and work efficiently with a team. Other essential skills for digital marketers include the ability to write and speak proficiently, active listening, creativity, understanding of data analytics and charts, flexibility, etc. 

11. Final Thoughts

The experience of working as a freelance digital marketer is rewarding. You never get bored working as a digital marketer because you get to pick and choose what activities you do.

But as many different areas of expertise are required to provide digital marketing services to your clientele, gaining competence is the best method to gain self-assurance. It won’t happen right away, but it’s something you can cultivate over time through education and practice.

Once you are confident in your understanding of digital marketing and have a few case studies to show, you can sit back and take it easy. It’s only time before the demand for digital marketing experts grows.

Be patient, create your portfolio piece by piece, and never stop learning new things. You won’t regret being involved in digital marketing because it’s a broad subject to work in.

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