How To Raise Donations From YouTube

How To Raise Donations From YouTube

If you are a YouTuber who is looking for a way to raise donations online, consider using CheckYa (Formerly PeachPay). This is a free, and user-friendly payment platform that accepts payment of cards, Stripe, Coinbase, and low fee ACH bank transfer. You get a very own donation web page called Pay Me page, hosted on the SSL-enabled servers of CheckYa for free.

Now, the question is how to set up donations on youtube? The below mentioned are the steps to create your own Pay Me page on CheckYa to start accepting YouTube donations or payments for online streaming.

Step 1 – Create an account on CheckYa. Creating a CheckYa account takes 1 minute and only requires an email address. Go to and click signup on the top right.

Signup - PeachPay

Fill in the form with your email address and password. You can use your own name for a business name if it is a personal account.

Sign up page PeachPay

Step 2 Link with your payment processor.

A payment processor lets you accept payments and then deposit the money into your bank account. CheckYa is supporting Stripe and Coinbase. Stripe allows you to accept credit card payments and direct bank transfers (ACH) and Coinbase allows you to accept different cryptocurrencies.

link payment processor - PeachPay

Step 3 Create your Pay Me page

You may use the Pay Me page to accept donations for, for example, YouTube content creation, designing, and selling online. You can also use it through your website to sell subscriptions for a blog or to sell digital media like music.

payme page - PeachPay

Your Pay Me page looks like –

Now, you have successfully created your Pay Me page to add on your YouTube.

Here are 2 major ways to get donations on youtube;

1. Adding Pay Me link in your youtube video description box

Head across to Youtube. Go to “My Channel.” Then pick the video to which you want to add a link to the donation list. Click the “Edit Video” button below the video. That will take you to the “Basic” page, as seen below.

Paste the copied link to your donation Pay Me link into the box marked “Description“.

Pay Me link - description box

Hit “Save ” and you’re done! The link will appear in the description just under your video.

Link in Description

Clicking on this link will take your viewers to your safe CheckYa donation page, much like the one seen below.

sending money via pay me - PeachPay

2. Adding your CheckYa Pay Me link in your YouTube channel links

  • Login your YouTube channel and click on “Customise Channel”.

customise youtube

Then follow the below steps;

  • Click on “About”
  • Click on “+Links”
  • Click on “+Add”
  • Add some text that you want to show on your channel in the first box and add your Pay Me link in the second box as shown in the given reference. Finally, click on the “Done” button.

Customised Links

This is the final output of your youtube donation button on the channel.

Youtube donation button


 In a nutshell, you are able to see your donate button on your channel as well in your video descriptions to start accepting payments and funds from youTube.

Donation from Youtube

Show your next donation with CheckYa Overlay!

Add a donation alert to your stream to incentivize more donations using CheckYa Overlay

CheckYa overlay works seamlessly with Twitch, Youtube, Facebook for Creators, and many more, and it is free to use.

Overlay for Streamers

Here’s how you can enable CheckYa Overlay.

Step 1: Find the new Overlay banner on top of your CheckYa profile page and switch it On.

Overlay for Streamers

Step 2: Choose the Overlay type you want, transparent or Peachy.

Overlay for Streamers

Step 3: See how your Overlay looks like. Copy the URL, and paste the link in your OBS. That’s it.

Overlay for Streamers

Add a donation Overlay and make your Livestream to create an eye-catching and more interactive streaming experience for your viewers.

If you are looking for ways to supplement your income, be sure to check out the following video by one of CheckYa’s users and budding YouTuber, Carrie on 20 surprising ways to make money online.

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