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New Updates | CheckYa Is Launching Profile

CheckYa is continuously working to develop advanced features to help creators like you convert their passion into income and achieve financial freedom in their lives. We heard the feedback of thousands of CheckYa creators loud and clear. Here, we’re launching Profile- the Hub to showcase and monetize your content.

  • Profile – Personalized landing page to list all your social media profiles, and share your content with the world.
  • Sell Digital Goods – Sell your ebooks, pdfs, songs, videos, photos, tickets to your video streams, among many things.
  • Meetings – Your fans and supporters can send you meeting requests.
  • Fundraise – Accept one-time donations, receive tips, and raise funds.

To empower you to do that, and some more, CheckYa is launching Profile. Easy to set up in a minute, CheckYa Profile is your personalized landing page to share your social media profiles, sell digital goods, let the fans book a meeting and accept donations. 

Note: The Pay Me page URL (<your_name>) will now point to your Profile. In this post, we will explain and show all the new features mentioned above.

Profile Page overview

In addition to the support and donate feature we had before, now you can list content offers and provide consultation service through the new profile page. The Entire content is on the same page with the payment feature without moving onto another side. 

Sell digital goods

Digital goods can be merchandise, ebooks, songs, videos, PDFs, among many things that you can sell and deliver online. Aside from the potential to make passive income, there are more reasons to sell digital goods online such as low cost, access to a large audience and ease to set up. On the new Profile page, You can list all your digital goods with a price. Fans will receive the link for digital goods on the thank-you page after the successful payment.


If you are an expert in some areas such as painting, music, photography or anything and consistently share great content, you could set up a consultation session with your fans or followers and charge them on a per-hour basis. With the Profile page’s new feature “meetings”, fans can book a call with you. The requirement will be sent to you by email and you can schedule the time with fans after that. The calendar integration feature will also be released in the near future. Stay tuned!


We are excited to release new updates and hope they add value to all the creators. We’re also continuously working to improve your experience with CheckYa. You can check out all these new features on CheckYa now!

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