How to get bookkeeping clients?

How To Get Bookkeeping Clients: 6 Strategies To Grow Your Profits

Finding out how to get bookkeeping clients for your business takes some experimentation. You may find some methods come naturally to you, like social media marketing, while others, like networking, are more difficult. Use this guide to learn the 6 best strategies to get bookkeeping clients. But before we begin, let’s look at why bookkeeping clients hire you. Click on this link to dive right into the strategies to get bookkeeping clients.

Why Do Bookkeeping Clients Hire You?

Before jumping into specific strategies, we’ll put ourselves in the client’s shoes. Why will they pay a bookkeeper to help them with their business finances? The answers usually come down to two major reasons.

First, companies pay bookkeepers to save time. Second, companies pay bookkeepers to reduce risk. Let’s unpack both reasons so you can market your services more effectively.

  • Saving Time

The saving time benefit tends to apply the most to smaller companies with no accounting or finance department. For example, a small e-commerce business owner might personally perform bookkeeping duties a few hours a month.

In this kind of small business, the business owner probably has multiple responsibilities like marketing, business partnerships, managing inventory, and bookkeeping. If you can help this busy business owner save even a few hours per month, they will have more time to work on other areas (e.g., marketing) that may help the business grow even further.

  • Reducing Risk

In accounting and bookkeeping work, accuracy is critically important. For example, if a business owner fails to keep track of their expenses in detail, they may not understand their profit margin correctly. Further, failing to track expenses correctly may have tax implications like paying a higher tax bill.

To avoid these bookkeeping problems, discipline and attention to detail are vital. If you have a track record of bookkeeping accuracy, you can help your clients to reduce the risk of misunderstanding their business results. Even better, you may be able to help them reduce their tax bill by keeping accurate records.

  • Other benefits to working with a bookkeeper

The first two benefits – reducing risk and saving time – are the main rational reasons business owners hire bookkeepers in-house or freelance. That said, there is also another benefit to keeping in mind. Many people don’t like working with numbers, while others feel overwhelmed by the prospect of dealing with dollars and cents.

When you step into a client’s business to help them with their business finances, you’re relieving them of a burden. In essence, you’re lightening their mental load, which means less stress for the client.

Now that you know the main reasons clients value bookkeeping services, we can dive into the strategies you can use to get more clients.

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