How To Connect Payment Processors With CheckYa

How To Connect Payment Processors With CheckYa

With so many choices it can be challenging to determine the right payment processing solution for your small business. A payment processor enables you to accept online payments and then have that money deposited into your respective bank accounts. This is why the most crucial step in choosing a business payment processor involves sitting down to estimate your aims. Want to know how to connect your payment processor? CheckYa is the best modern payment platform that supports Stripe and Coinbase.


Connect Stripe as your payment processor allows you to accept credit card payments and direct bank transfers (ACH). With just a simple stripe setup process your business can be easily integrated that allows you to start trading straight away and able to accept multiple currencies through the stripes payment interface.

Step 1: To get started with Stripe, create a free account on CheckYa. Here is an easy guide to know how to create an account on CheckYa.

Step 2: After creating the account you are redirected to the CheckYa dashboard. Now Click on the “Connect?” box under the Stripe logo.


After clicking on it a new window opens up and you are required to fill out the information below to get started with Stripe:


 After you are done with the above-mentioned steps you have access to your stripe account.


Coinbase allows & accepts varying levels of different cryptocurrencies. In order to enable cryptocurrency payments, you will require to create a free account with Coinbase Commerce. If you haven’t created this yet follow this how-to guide.

Once you set up the Coinbase Commerce account, now link your Coinbase Commerce to CheckYa. How to connect? 

Step 1: Click on the right top “Coinbase connect”.

Step 2: Go to your Coinbase Commerce dashboard to create an API Key.

Limepay coinbase api

Step 3: After creating, click on “Copy to Clipboard”.

Limepay coinbase copy api

Step 4: Now paste it into your CheckYa settings and hit “Save” in order to connect Coinbase.

Limepay coinbase commerce

Conclusion: That’s It! CheckYa provides a unique approach to connect different payment options to accept online payments. Now you can instantly start accepting payments securely by trusted payment providers Stripe and Coinbase.

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