Apps to help you get started and thrive on YouTube

12 Great Apps To Help Creators Get Started And Thrive On YouTube

As an up and coming creator, you are undoubtedly chomping at the proverbial bit to establish your presence on YouTube. However, getting started as a YouTube creator is a bit more complex than ramping up creator initiatives on your other social media. Additionally, YouTube represents a crowded and highly competitive field in which beginners often struggle to gain subscribers. 

But, whatever you do, don’t let these challenges stop you. YouTube has proven to be an excellent revenue generator for thousands of creators. Talk about reach—it’s often referred to as the world’s second-largest search engine. Whether or not this claim is true, by some estimates YouTube “has more search volume than Bing or Yahoo, more than twice Amazon’s, and three times Facebook’s.”

Plenty of Apps Covering All Your Creative and Business Needs

There are dozens of apps you can turn to that are specifically designed to help creators gear up their YouTube channel. These apps address the full range of issues creators face when they begin producing and promoting YouTube-specific content.  

We recommend starting out on the YouTube Creator page to learn the basics and begin navigating your way onto the site. Then check out the YouTube Creator Academy site to further educate yourself on how to optimize your budding YouTube creator status. We’ve also picked out the following 12 great apps that we believe can further help you become a successful YouTube creator. 

Top Performance is Often Made with Editing Tools

Much as the cutting room floor represents an integral part of Hollywood filmmaking, video and related editing should play a significant role in developing your YouTube creator content. The following editing apps will help you create outstanding videos for your YouTube channel(s): 

1. Filmora

Filmora is a reasonably priced option for both learning and tackling the editing task. Filmora was designed to simplify advanced editing tools while helping creators easily learn the art of video editing. Features include: 

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop interface.
  • Advanced editing tools.
  • 100s of special effects. 
  • Compatible with most devices and video formats.
  • Direct video downloads to YouTube or other social media.

Creators who want to ramp up their video-editing game can opt for FilmoraPro.

2. Final Cut Pro X

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is getting kudos as the “best video editing tool” available for Mac users. It intuitive design that allows editors to “create and deliver at the speed of thought.” Some key features, many of which are not available on other video editing apps, include:

  • Custom overlays to guide text and graphic design.
  • A High-performance “Metal” engine allows super-fast editing of complex projects and special effects.
  • Magnetic timeline eases experimentation of story ideas by seamless moving and trimming of video and audio clips.
  • Advanced Multicam editing allows for automatic syncing of up to 64 angles of videos. 
  • “Smart Conform” automatically crops video to be square, vertical, or any custom size or shape.

3. PicMaker

While not an editing tool, per se, PicMaker is a great tool for creating video thumbnails that will attract viewer attention and generate clicks. Designed specifically for YouTube thumbnail creation, the app is totally free! Features include:  

  • Huge library of YouTube thumbnail templates.
  • Millions of royalty-free images.
  • Easy editing of templates to create customized thumbnails that identify your brand.
  • Safe and secure storage.
  • Downloadable in multiple file formats for easy use. 

4. Canva Intro Maker

Easily create awe-inspiring intros for your YouTube videos with the Canva Intro Maker.  With no need for video editing or motion design experience, the app helps creators quickly establish their signature brand with a unique video intro. Key features and benefits include:

  • Drag and drop creation.
  • Huge intro template library.
  • Millions of free stock photos, images, icons, and other graphics.
  • High quality audio tracks and animated motion graphics. 
  • Mix and match features from different templates.

Add in Professional Music

Music and soundtracks can significantly enhance the YouTube video experience. But if you’re not musically inclined, you can’t just slap in your favorite track by Ariana Grande without running afoul of copyright law. But you can turn to services that provide royalty-free music and other unique sound features.

5. AudioMicro 

AudioMicro, offers YouTube video creators access to royalty free music for a set fee or on a subscription basis. The app also offers a vast range of sound effects to cover any auditory sounds that you can’t seem to find around your home or neighborhood. AudioMicro Features include:

  • Almost 300,000 royalty-free music tracks from Grammy-winning artists.
  • Thousands of royalty-free television scores music.
  • Thousands of royalty-free film scores music.
  • Thousands of royalty-free corporate music and jingles. 
  • Almost a half-million sound effects to cover any auditory need.   


Share Your YouTube Content on other Social Media

Successful creators and influencers expand their reach by sharing and promoting their YouTube content on other social media platforms. With the explosive growth of video across social media, it’s important to use every possible option to increase the exposure of your YouTube videos. 

6. Woobox YouTube Facebook Page Tab

If you already have an active Facebook presence, you can easily showcase your YouTube videos on the site with Woobox. The app’s key features include: 

  • Create a dedicated Facebook YouTube video tab, from which friends and followers can directly watch your videos. 
  • Prominent display of your featured YouTube video, with an easy click through to see your other videos without leaving Facebook.
  • Viewers can subscribe, upvote, message, and otherwise interact with your YouTube channel without leaving Facebook.
  • Easy enter-YouTube-user-name-and-click set-up.  
  • mobile-device friendly.  

7. Bitly

While Bitly doesn’t allow for direct sharing of YouTube to other social media, it makes it easier to post links to your YouTube channel by shortening long, cumbersome URL links. Features and benefits include:

  • Bitly links integrate seamlessly with social media platforms. 
  • Custom links promote your brand and can become instantly recognizable across social media channels.
  • Real-time analytics track and help optimize the power of your short link.  
  • Links are encrypted to help protect against cyberattacks.
  • Ability to generate a QR code for any of your Bitly links.  

Analyze and Boost Your YouTube Creator Presence

With so much competition on YouTube, you need to do everything possible to boost your channel and its videos to the top of any search results. Along with numerous search engine optimization strategies, there are hundreds of apps designed to help boost search results. Creators just getting started on YouTube could start with these two: 

8. VidQ   

VidIQ offers a comprehensive package of tools specifically designed to boost YouTube views. These tools cover search engine optimization, keyword research, performance analysis, competitor analysis, channel audits, trend insights, and more. Its numerous features and benefits include:

  • Real-time tracking of YouTube video performance.
  • Real-time tracking of competitor YouTube channels.
  • Compare and track your video performance with any other YouTube video, channel or playlist.
  • Real-time tracking of trending videos by topic. 
  • Productivity tools that ease tasks relating to thumbnails, bulk meta downloads, comment response, and more.  

The app’s tools cover search engine optimization, keyword research, performance analysis, competitor analysis, channel audits, trend insights, and more. You can also track your YouTube performance in real-time and learn how your videos are discovered by different search engines and promoted by YouTube in “search,” “related videos,” and “recommended videos.”

9. Ahref’s YouTube Keyword Tool  

Keywords are the key to solid SEO, so consider using Ahrefs’ YouTube Keyword Tool to discover more keyword ideas related to your video subject matter. Key features include:

  • Reliable search volumes for any keyword.
  • Filtered keyword search by word count, clicks, clicks per search, search volume, and return rate.
  • Save and file keyword ideation for future use.
  • “Questions” reporting to determine what questions are being raised in relation to target keywords. 
  • Keyword search volumes on YouTube covering almost 330 countries. 

Manage Your YouTube Channel

10. YouTube Studio

As your YouTube channel grows—along with the rise of your subscribers—daily management of it and its features will become more important. YouTube has made it easier to conduct such management while on the go, with the mobile-friendly YouTube Studio App. Primary features include: 

  • Monitor channel and video performance with mobile-friendly analytics.
  • Create and/or update account profile pictures. 
  • Moderate and respond to comments
  • Update video details.
  • Manage playlists.

11. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is another great mobile app that helps you manage your channel(s) and quickly add information. A few of the numerous features and benefits include:

  • Determine the best timing for publishing videos or initiate a Livestream.
  • Translate video title and description to boost global viewership.
  • Customize the look of your embedded video or playlist.
  • Monitor your own and competitor video rankings. 
  • Inexpensive starter plan for new YouTubers.

Monetize Your YouTube Channel

12. CheckYa Pay Me

Once you’re up and running, create your own CheckYa link to start accepting YouTube donations or payments for online streaming. Key features include:

  • One link for all your content.
  • Link your bank account, debit card, or cryptocurrency wallet to accept payments.
  • Share your CheckYa profile with a customized link or QR code. 
  • Built-in e-commerce and monetization capabilities. 
  • Mobile-friendly.    

Now That You’ve Got Great Tools, What Are You Waiting For? 

Many of these and similar apps can help get you up and running like a seasoned creator pro on YouTube. There’s no time like the present, so get to it.   



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