Without Disruption: A Dystopian Sci-Fi Novel

by Carrieblogger

Check out Carrie's debut novel and purchase a signed paperback, signed ebook, audiobook, or ebook with limited-edition book merch! Praise for Without Disruption: "This book blew me away. The characters are gripping and compelling in all their flaws. The world is amazing and intriguing! The story itself, without getting into spoilers, is about finding happiness, existential ennui and despair. I cannot recommend this one enough." "This book took all my expectations and threw them out the window. The characters were complex and the furthest thing from one dimensional... The world itself was compelling and thought provoking... it drew me in and I was not disappointed at all." "The character building was absolutely brilliant. Harrison was interesting and complex. The supporting cast brought a wide array of representation, personalities, and loyalties (or lack thereof). Do yourself a favor and pick this book up!" "This was such an interesting and intriguing story, and it's one I won't easily forget. I really liked the world building and how life is so very different from what we know, but the story is still fairly easy to follow, both because the core principles are still the same and because everything was explained so well."

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